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A decentralized and continuously evolving Metaverse that is easy to experience on mobile devices.

A grid of nine skylands
A Skyland floating island

The Skylands

Modeled after the 9 Kanaria Super Founders, each Skyland spans around 25,000 plots and consists of different biomes.

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Broken Sun Lore

“It all began with the destabilization of Jord (earth), thanks to the excessive use of illegal magic by Humans. To save Jord, an extremely dangerous but powerful spell known as the Last Spell was attempted…”

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Truly on-chain avatars

Your avatar is an upgradeable NFT via interactions with the metaverse. You can keep the benefits of your avatar for life, or choose to sell it if possible (some items or benefits are soulbound).

on chain avatar img

Digital economy facilitated by provable scarcity

All components of the Skybreach metaverse including the land, are NFTs. Like in the real world, every interaction has meaning.

digital economy img

Decentralized world governance

The community has the power to change every aspect of the game. Including but not limited to: avatars, stories, new skylands, etc.

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Story-based Metaverse

Players can choose to spend their time unraveling the story and participating in world-changing quests, or they can idle and enjoy the chill-out environment of Skybreach’s pixelated skylands. Hypercasual at its core, Skybreach is for everyone.

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Land Rarities

25,000 plots on the first Skyland is up for sale via Dutch Auction

common land deed


50 xcRMRK

  • 16000 land plots
  • Height: 1
  • Depth: 0
  • Decay: 90 days
rare land deed


150 xcRMRK

  • 5000 land plots
  • Height: 2
  • Depth: 1
  • Decay: 180 days
epic land deed


250 xcRMRK

  • 1000 land plots
  • Height: 3
  • Depth: 2
  • Decay: 360 days
premium land deed


??? xcRMRK

  • 3000 land plots
  • Height: varies
  • Depth: varies
  • Decay:  ∞  days

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